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Valve (Manual Valve)

Valve (Manual Valve) Set

The valve set consists of a manual valve that can be used to turn ON/OFF the application of compressed air to the Pneumuscle and urethane tubes.

(Air pressure source must be prepared separately.)

Tubes with 4 mm and 1.8 mm outer diameters and joints for each are included, so you can choose the appropriate ones for your purpose and operating environment.

Set content

①3-Port Manual Valve (pin lever holding type) ...1 pc

②Quick Fitting for 1.8mm OD tube ... 2 pcs

③Quick Fitting for 4mm OD tube ... 2 pcs

④Urethane Tube of 1.8mm OD  ...2m

⑤Urethane Tube of 4mm OD ... 2m



【Video of Operating Circuit Using the Valve】

By moving the upper pin lever of the valve, air pressure to the Pneumuscle can be easily switched ON/OFF.

The ON status of the air pressure is maintained even when the hand is released from the lever.

【Example of Circuit Using the Valve】


Air pressure


Air pressure

【Example of Circuit Using the Valve】


Air Pressure Source

Pneumatic Artificial Muscle

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