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Desktop Compressor 

Desktop Compressor Set

The desktop compressor set consists of a vertically mounted desktop compressor (85 mm (W) x 215 mm (H) x 297 mm (D)) as shown in the photo below and a regulator that can control the pressure of the supplied air.

It can be used as a convenient air pressure source for contracting and relaxing pneumatic artificial muscles.

set content

①Desktop Compressor (vertical installation type) ...1 pc

②AC Adapter ... 1 pc

③Regulator (with bracket and pressure gauge) ... 1 pc

④Quick Fitting Socket for converting 6mm-4mm OD tube ... 3 pcs

⑤Urethane Tube of 4mm OD... 2mm

⑥M3 Bolt (used to fix the Regulator) ... 2 pcs




How to Use

  1. Fix the regulator to the back of the desktop compressor using the supplied M3 bolts and brackets as shown in the figure on the right.

  2. Securely insert the quick joint for tube conversion into the joint on the side of the regulator and the joint on the lower left side of the rear panel of the compressor.

  3. Cut the 4mm urethane tube to the appropriate length and pipe it as shown in the figure on the right.

  4. Connect the AC adapter to the power input jack at the lower right of the rear panel.

  5. Adjust the pressure to the required level using the regulator and use it as an air pressure source.



Quick Fitting Socket

​⑤Urethane Tube of 4mm OD

Desktop compressor

※For detailed specifications of the desktop compressor, please check the catalog below.

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