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Desktop Vacuum Pump

Desktop Vacuum Pump set

The Desktop Vacuum Pump Set consists of a vertically mounted desktop-type vacuum pump (85 mm (W) x 215 mm (H) x 297 mm (D)) and an air filter for both positive and negative pressure, as shown in the picture below. Use as a low vacuum source.

set content

①Desktop Type Vacuum Pump ... 1 pc

②AC Adapter ... 1 pc

③Air Filter for both positive and negative pressure (with bracket) ... 1 pc

④Quick Fitting Socket for converting 6mm-4mm OD tube ... 3 pcs

⑤Urethane Tube of 4mm OD... 2mm

⑥M3 Bolt (used to fix the Regulator) ... 2 pcs

​How to use

  1. Fix the filter to the back of the desktop vacuum pump as shown in the figure above using the supplied M3 bolts.

  2. Firmly insert the quick joint for tube conversion into the joint on the side of the filter and the joint on the lower left side of the back of the compressor.

  3. Cut the 4mm urethane tube to the appropriate length and pipe it as shown in the above figure.

  4. Connect the AC adapter to the power input jack on the lower right of the back of the compressor.

Desktop vacuum pump


Quick Fitting Socket

​⑤Urethane Tube of 4mm OD

For detailed specifications of the desktop Vaccim pump, please check the catalog below.

Use Case

Use Case: Jamming Hand

Jamming is when objects get crowded and jammed together.

As shown in the video, we put coffee grounds inside a balloon and used a vacuum pump to remove the air inside.

Then, the space that existed among the coffee grounds was eliminated and the grounds couldn’t move inside the balloon because they were jammed together. Conversely, when the air was added, the space among the grounds was re-created, and the grounds could move freely.

The Jamming Hand uses this phenomenon to grasp and release objects.

In the video, in addition to the desktop vacuum pump, the PMC series listed below for both positive and negative pressure is used to switch between air inlet and exhaust.


The hand adjusts to the shape of the object to be gripped, so even round objects can be gripped stably.

inlet air

inlet air

Controller (PMC series)
switch the airflow

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