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Controller for Pneumatic Artificial Muscle
PMC Series

Controller for Pneumatic Artificial Muscle
PMC Series

Programmable Solenoid Valve with Programmable Control
without Design and Selection

The controller for pneumatic artificial muscles PMC series is a shielded board compatible with Arduino Uno R3. (Arduino is sold separately.)

It is equipped with five valves to control the relaxation and contraction of artificial muscles.

Just by preparing an air pressure source that generates compressed air and Arduino, you can easily control the timing and duration of the relaxation and contraction of the artificial muscles.


Toggle Switch
Valves can be manually turned ON/OFF

Arduino (microcontroller)
ON/OFF timing, time to turn ON, time to turn OFF, etc. of electrically operated valves (solenoid valves) can be programmed for each valve.

Solenoid Valves (5 valves equipped)​Turns ON/OFF as programmed without manual operation


What is PMC Series?

Generally, to have the ON/OFF duration and timing of a valve controlled by a program,

it is necessary to prepare the equipment, wiring, and piping as shown in the picture.

Also, there are various types and sizes of solenoid valves, and it is necessary to select the one that best meets the conditions.

In addition, it is necessary to design the electrical circuit and programming from scratch to make the solenoid valve perform the desired motion.

No Need to Select Valves and Build Programs.

The PMC series is equipped with solenoid valves for operating pneumatic artificial muscles, eliminating the need for selecting and wiring solenoid valves.

All you need is an air pressure source and Arduino to complete the control mechanism of the artificial muscle, which can be operated by a program.

The time spent on equipment selection and circuit design can be spent on application development or applied research.

(Arduino is not included, so please prepare it yourself.)

A type with a connector instead of a solenoid valve is also available, so you can select your own valve. It can also be used for control applications other than pneumatic artificial muscles.


power supply


Solenoid valve

Terminal block




PMC Series


Solenoid valve

【PMC Series Introduction Video】

Specifications and Dimensions

Specifications and Dimensions
【with Arduino Uno R3 (sold separately)】


Product Specifications


Petit Valve Specifications (only PMC-PT-AC is equipped)


※We also provide custom-made source code for Arduino, so please feel free to contact us.


Purchase Information

You can purchase from the following links.

​(Valve-mounted Type)


(Connector-mounted Type for Valve Connection)

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