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Lightweight, Thin, Flexible, Spring-like Actuators
with Traction ON/OFF

Pneumatic Artificial Muscle



Thin and Lightweight, Great Pulling Power that Does Not Match its Appearance

Pneumatic Artificial Muscle “Pneumuscle” is a type of soft actuator that generates traction (pulling force) by contracting like a human muscle when compressed air is supplied to the built-in rubber tube.

​Although it is one of the lightest actuators (10 g) and slimmest (max. 10 mm or less), it provides enough traction force to lift a 4 kg object.

Since the traction force can be turned ON/OFF and the actuator is flexible, it is suitable not only for small or complex-shaped devices but also for incorporation into devices that are designed to be worn.

Currently used in robotics and gripper research, these actuators have a promising future.

空気圧人工筋肉 Pneumuscle.png

Two types with different diameters and different traction (pulling force) are available.

Both types of lengths are available in the range of 100~1000 mm in 100 mm increments as standard products, but lengths can also be specified in 1 mm increments. (Note: The tolerance is ±5mm.)

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Directly inserts into a quick joint, making it easy to connect to an inflating tube!

Flexible enough to bend even when pressurized and contracted (Please watch the video of a plastic bottle being lifted).

Compressed air


Pulling power

Light weight, thin diameter, and soft shape, yet has the traction force to lift 4 kg.


【Image of the Operation of Pneumuscle】

【Lifting an Object with Pneumuscle】

One end of the Pneumuscle is fixed at the top and can be relaxed and contracted to lift an object.
As shown in the video, it is a flexible actuator that can be bent even when it is inflated and contracted.

In this case, a single long Pneumuscle and a movable pulley are used together to lift a weight of 6.7 kg.
It is a thin and light product but provides good traction.

​Pneumuscle operating circuit example

​【Video of Pneumuscle Operating Circuit】

Air Pressure Source

Pneumatic Artificial Muscle


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