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Pneumuscle Products Introduction

Pneumatic Artificial Muscle

Pneumatic artificial muscle relaxes and contracts by inserting and removing compressed air.
Two types with different thicknesses and different pulling forces (traction forces) are available.

空気圧人工筋肉 Pneumuscle.png

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New Compact lightweight Compressor

It produces compressed air necessary for the operation of pneumatic artificial muscles. This is a small compressor that can be used easily.
Its compact size (W x D x H = 100 mm x 90 mm x 152 mm) allows it to be used anywhere.


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Desktop Compressor

This is for producing compressed air required to relax and contract pneumatic artificial muscle.
Its compact size (W x D x H = 85 mm x 297 mm x 215 mm) makes it non-intrusive when placed on a tabletop.

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​Desktop Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump that creates a low vacuum (Up to -75 kPa) by exhausting air in the circuit is also available.
Similar to the compressor, its size is compact (W x D x H = 85 x 297 x 215 [mm]).


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Controller for Pneumatic Artificial Muscle PMC Series

Arduino Programmable controller with solenoid valve for automatic switching of artificial muscle relaxation and contraction. (Manual switching is also available.)

Manual Valve

This is a valve for manually switching the relaxation and contraction of artificial muscle. Tubing and fittings necessary for piping are also attached.




Speed Control Valve

This valve can change the speed at which the artificial muscle relaxes, contracts, or both by changing the amount of flowing compressed air. Please use the attached manual valve or the controller for pneumatic artificial muscle.

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