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A physical stimulation system that provides pressure stimulation, with a pulse beat like waveform generated by air pressure.


Pressure control unit

✓Two-step pressure control is possible!

Our unique pressure control mechanism enables two-step pressure change.

✓Possible to apply pressure at high frequency (Over 1Hz)!

Pressure can be applied to the chamber at high frequency exceeding 1Hz.

✓Manual adjustment is unnecessary!

Our unique pneumatic auto-tuning system enables high-frequency operation even with differential pressure of 15 mmHg (about 2kPa).

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Systems up

The temperature control unit, pump unit, and gas blend unit can be operated independently, or can be connected to other equipment for centralized control.


Incubate Chamber

Center control panel

Center control panel screen  (example)


​Cell culture chamber

✓Equipped with heating system

Maintains constant temperature inside the chamber.


✓Built-in water tank

Prevents drying out of the chamber.

✓Built-in pressure sensor

Enables measurement and monitoring of
pressure inside the chamber.


Allows inside observation of the culture vessel
without opening the chamber.


Central control system

Equipment that has been upgraded can be managed centrally.
It is possible to collect pressure data and temperature/humidity data in the chamber.

Customization is possible according to the experimental conditions.
Please feel free to contact us.

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